Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A friend in need

I have a friend from high school, Tracy. He and his family have really been on my heart today because their oldest son, Noah, was diagnosed with Batten's Disease. They just got test results today that one of their young daughters may also have the same disease. It is fatal and there is no cure. I would like to get their website out there for as many people to see as possible. If you have a blog could you please consider mentioning his website to get the word out? It is www.noahshope.com Thanks for your help! I am sure they would appreciate any prayers and positive thoughts that you could send their way as well!


  1. I just went over to the page. My heart is just breaking for them.

  2. Thanks for checking it out Jacque! I am just sick for them and I really don't know how to help. I know they want to bring exposure to the disease so I am hoping to help out a little with that.


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